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About Curphey Home

The Jamacian Legion was inaugurated in October 1949, as a consequence of it becoming evident that the financial assistance from the Jamaican Government (through the central supplementary allowances committee) would not be adequate. Additional financial aid would have to be rewarded to the vast number of ex-soldiers who had served in the First World War and the West India Regiment; as by the virtue of their ages and physical implications of their service, the soldiers were deemed unemployable.


Named after Col. A. G. Curphey (afterwards Sir Aldington Curphey), the Legion’s first Chairman that served on the original Island Council, The Jamaican Legion is responsible for the maintenance, running and upkeep of Curphey Home; a place where ex-members of the army are welcomed for care and protection. The residents are supervised by a Local Management Committee and directly controlled by a Resident Manager, whilst the building and compound belong to the Government of Jamaica. 

Established in 1957 and located in Southern Manchester, the Curphey Home currently houses 15 male and female residents, whilst the capacity for ex-soldiers is 35. The facility is run by donations that come from the government and the poppy appeal; regularly people will come down to the home to visit the patrons, offer gifts and entertainment to the residents. Our purpose and reasoning for maintaining this incredible home is to give back to those who dedicated themselves, fighting and risking their lives to serve the British army in the gruesome fields of the World Wars. As many of our residents served as armed forces in World War II, living together at Curphey Home has enriched the ex-soldiers with commonality and has enabled the veterans to share their experiences with their new residential comrades.

Thanks to the efforts of one of our partners RAFA 580  Jamaica Branch, Curphey Home is now home to a World War II RAF centenarian ; found at 98 years old having lived without both water and electricity, in a deplorable state for approximately a year. We see it as our utmost responsibility to uphold the much earned respect of the ex-soldiers and have them living in a way which is both acceptable and dignified, particularly in their twilight years.  Another veteran was discovered to have been living alone, trapped inside by his inability to see; he was completely blind. From then on the veteran was accepted at Curphey Home. We are aware of approximately many individuals, both in the UK and Jamaica, who served in the British Commonwealth Forces and the JDF who are in need of assistance - therefore we are in continuous need of sponsorship. 

The services provided by the Legion to Ex-Service personnel, whether members of the Legion or not, include:A monthly cash allowance, provision of grants for rent, eyeglasses, clothing, hearing aids, housing repairs, funeral grants, educational grants (for children to grandchildren), financial aid to widows and assistance to those procuring artificial limbs. 


Supporting Charities

Even though we are a soldier charity dedicated to helping army veterans, we want to do our best to help others who are in need. Over the years we have worked with a wide range of amazing charities to support them and provide funding. A couple of charities that we have recently donated to is Cancer Research UK and Stem Cell Care. If you are interested in making a donation, becoming a member of Jamaica Ex Soldiers or volunteer. Then please visit our join us page or fill out the contact form below.

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