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Here at Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association, we try to assist as many alternate charities and organisations as we possibly can - this is something we wouldn’t be able to do without the support from our incredible sponsors. Each one of our sponsors plays a vital role in our charity in helping fund our events and helping others.

Our Sponsors


Among one of our main sponsors for JESA UK is the Royal British Legion. They have played a huge role in assisting many military charities in the UK since 1921. Additionally, The Royal British Legion is the largest armed forces charity, with over 235,000 members and 110,000 volunteers. 


The assistance of the Royal British Legion has enabled us to access multitudes of volunteers and members for our organisation, ultimately providing us the capacity to assist more people. The fundings awarded to us by the Royal British Legion have made it possible to both celebrate and commemorate those who served in the Wars.


Should you wish to enquire further regarding the incredible work of the Royal British Legion towards organisations such as the Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association UK, please visit their page via the link below.

Our Partnerships

The Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association UK is just one of many organisations all over the world that are working in collaboration to offer financial support to try and make a change in the world, particularly for those who formerly fought for our rights and freedoms. The service charity partners of the Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association include the following:

Legion Logo.jpg

Jamaican Legion


Royal Airforce Association
580 Jamaica


Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League


Jamaican High Commission UK

JDF Logo.png

Jamaican Defence Force

JESA Florida.png
JESA Toronto.jpg

The Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association UK is seeking to develop more self-sustaining projects, in order to alleviate our dependence on the donations and benevolence of others. Amongst our projects is the new ‘Steps-4-Vets’ (Walkathon) and 'Bless-4-Vet' (Gospel Concert) initiatives; that will solicit ongoing contributions of value, making for a more sustainable income.

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