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Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association Executives

The Jamaican Ex -Soldiers Association UK is a registered charity in the

Jamaican Diasporic community; we see it as our divine purpose and utmost

responsibility to help others, particularly those who have dedicated their lives to serve us. We are driven by our motto Excitate  Ad Officium - Stir to Duty.


Governing the Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association is an extensive range of

Executives and Trustees. It is their assistance and dedication that makes our work

possible and enables us to help a diverse range of individuals, to make positive change.

Each individual plays a significantly important role within our organisation, enabling us to progressively grow. The generosity and continuous support of our executives enable us to organise events and donate to other charities of considerably important causes. 

Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association Trustees

The JESA  UK is proud to have the support of our trustees. It is their role and responsibility to assist in the management of the Association and governing of the charity. The Association is proud of what it is today, thanks to the assistance of the following trustees:


Dave Dunbar


Herman Codner



Valentine Tyrell


As an armed forces charity, it is our utmost responsibility to attend as many remembrance events as we can; in order to honour those who fought and had subsequently fallen for our freedom. 


It is with the generosity and commitment of these Executives and Trustees that we have the privilege to better the lives and recognise the contributions of those who have served valiantly in the Armed Forces all over the world. Should you wish to register your interest in becoming either a member or volunteer to the Jamaican Ex Soldiers Association, please visit our ‘Join us’ page.

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